Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi was started in the year 1922. Up to the year 1960 it was a department of undergraduate teaching. Dr. Chandulal Dubey along with Shri. V. V. Dravid upgraded it into a postgraduate department. A number of students completed their M. A. in Hindi. In 1970, due to the establishment of Shivaji University, Kolhapur the postgraduate classes were shifted to the university department. But the members of the Hindi department extended their services for M.A., M. Phil and Ph. D. degrees. The soft and understanding nature of Dr. Dubey and his ability to make the subject interesting contributed a lot to the institute and also to the popularity of the subject. He published number of articles and research papers and he was awarded the prestigious D. Lit. for his research on “Hindi rangmanch ka itihas”. Several students completed their M. Phil and Ph. D. studies under his able guidance.

Dr. V. V. Dravid has made a valuable contribution to the department of Hindi of the institute. His mastery over Hindi and Sanskrit was exemplary and he also guided a number of students for their M.A. and Ph. D. degrees. After these two eminent teachers the legacy was continued by Dr. Ayachit, Dr. S. P. Mishra, Dr. Naidu and Shri. M.G. Latkar.

At present, Mrs. U.B. Chiplunkar is working as head of the department and Shri. B. V. Chavan as her colleague.

The Department celebrates the ‘’HINDI DAY”, and arranges essay writing and elocution competitions every year.

The Department has been arranging lectures by eminent personalities for the benefit of the students.

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