Department of Home science

Family & Community Sciences education is geared to meet the emerging needs and challenges of contemporary society through proficiency and training in science, arts, and humanities blended together to improve the quality of life. Keeping this in view, Family & Community Sciences education was introduced in this college on the auspicious occasion of centenary year celebrations of Rajaram College, Kolhapur in 1979-80. It is matter of pride to say that our college is a pioneer for the Family & Community Sciences education in the Shivaji University, Kolhapur. In the academic year 1979-80 this stream was started at XI std and B. A. I level and subsequently extended to XII and B. A. III. The curriculum is based on empowerment, self-employment and entrepreneurship development. The curriculum includes food science and nutrition and Textile-laundry-clothing at the junior level. Where as applied science, food preservation and family meal management, interior decoration and applied art, child development, and Audio-visual Aids and Extension Education were the course included at senior level particularly at B. A. I, II, and III level. Now the curriculum has been strengthened according to the recent trends and technology in this field and implements the same.

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