Minor Research Projects

List of Minor Projects : Completed

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Sr. No. Name of the Principal Investigator Funding agency Year Sanction Letter No. Title of the project Funds received (lakhs)
1 Dr. Ms. A. R. Patil UGC 2008-2010 F. No. 47-471/08(WRO) dt/ 29/12/2008 Critical Survey and study of increasing incidence of Peziotrichum corticolum from Kolhapur District. 0.80
2 Dr. K. A. Mali UGC 2008-2010 F. No. 23/363/07 (WRO) dt. 20/03/2008 Cultural and Heritage tourism in Kolhapur District-A Geographical Perspective 0.65
3 Dr. H.N. Kathare UGC 2008-2010 F. No. 23-477/08 (WRO) dt. 10/10/2008 Role of Electricity to Agricultural Devlopment and its importance in the context of Globalization: A case study of Khatav Thesil 0.55
4 Dr. B. D. Bhosale UGC 2009-2011 F. No. 47-875/09(WRO) dt. 4/09/2009 Surfactant encapsulated polyoxometalates for Catalytic Degradation of Hazardous Chemicals and Waste Water Treatment 2.00
5 Dr. S. R. Kulkarni UGC 2009-2011 47-673/08(WRO) dt.06/03/2009 Studies on Electrical and Magnetic properties of Al3+ and In3+substituted Mn/Ni/Zn nano Ferrites 0.70
6 Dr. Ms. Y. C. Attar UGC 2012-2014 F.No.47-2117/11(WRO) dt. 29/02/2012 Production of IAA by Azotobacter, Rhizobium and PSB 1.61
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