The year 1880 was the beginning of Rajaram College, Kolhapur and so also fo the library. Some book lovers purchased books and donated to the library. The books started pouring in from various sources and within a short period, the library was flooded with valuable and rare books, refrence volumes. For instance,the books likes-“The history of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi held on the 1st January 1877” by Whellor J.T. and ‘Restoration of Tanjore State’ published in 1777 are self-explanatory to reflect the keen interest of then State Administration in the development of college library.

Generally a college library is most neglected section with poor collection, inadequate space given in busiest corner in administrative building, but from the very beginning, this library is fortunate enough in having a spacious and independent building. The Study room was kept open from 10:00 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. The building contains two stack-rooms for books, U.G.C., Periodical sections (for old and new)reference section, Internet room,separate room for the Librarian,Staff and competitive exam study room. A specious study room which can accommodate nearly 200 students.

“Dr. Balkrishna Granthalaya is the one of the most RICH & OLD LIBRARY in Maharashtra.”

List of Heads
  1. Shri. M. D. Raut. (1950-1955)
  2. Shri. Raut. (1961-1962)
  3. Shri. Golwalkar M. G. (1973-1994)
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